History of a Landmark

Shopper's Corner began in 1937 with the sale of one of many Espindola chain markets to two of its store managers Ed Calwell and Carl Schwartz. After a year of accumulated debt and hard times with the post-Depression era, the two couldn't break even. In 1939 they sold the market to two other Espindola employees Emmett "Bud" Beauregard and Vincent Williams, from the Pacific Avenue store.

As the story goes, they bought the market for a dollar - 50 cents apiece, and about a $6,000 debt. They borrowed a dollar, signed their contract on butcher paper and shook hands over a pickle barrel. From there they went on to build a competitive one-store grocery empire and dominate the Santa Cruz Eastside....   (more)

Shopper's Corner • 622 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 • 831.423.1398
Open Daily from 8am - 10am (Seniors and people at high risk)
Open Daily from 10am - 7pm (General public)

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